Accelerate Reviews
of Incoming Contracts

Sofos performs “first pass” review of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) agreements, highlighting what’s different in the customer paper compared to your paper and industry standard


How It Works

  1. Upload your SaaS agreements

    Provide us the Microsoft Word file that your customer sent and, if available, your standard SaaS agreement. Don’t have a standard SaaS agreement? No problem, we use Y Combinator’s Sales Agreement as the industry standard.

  2. Analysis performed by our AI engine and contracts experts

    Key terms across your SaaS agreements are automatically identified, extracted and compared by our advanced Artificial Intelligence engine. To ensure very high accuracy, a contracts expert always performs a secondary review.

  3. Download your SaaS agreements with comments

    We highlight everything that’s different in your customer’s paper, including non-standard, missing, and new terms. Simply download the marked up Microsoft Word file to clearly and concisely understand the risks associated with your customer’s paper.

Who Benefits


Sofos dramatically cuts down the time it takes to review the customer’s paper thereby shrinking contract review cycle times. We do this by quickly uncovering and highlights all key terms and clauses that are different than your company terms or industry standard. We reduce end-of-quarter workload and stress for everyone involved in getting contracts finalized and signed.

Privacy & Security

Doculus takes the security, privacy and confidentiality of our customer’s contracts and data very seriously. We employ industry-leading best-practices to protect, process and store your data, including: